Day #2 Рshopping time and facing my fears of flying, again!! 

HELLOOOO … My first day in Canada, where do I start? It was such an amazing day and I had so much fun. The day started off early for me due to jet lag but I ma aged to relax and watched the longest ride while I waited for everyone everyone else to wake up ūüôā
Once we were all up and showered, Chris had a tea waiting for me, and Emma and I gossiped more over fresh fruit for breakfast. It was delicious!! After this wee were ready to roll so for the first day we took it easy by going to a local shopping centre (or as they call it … Shopping mall) to put a dent in my bank account. I found my new favourite shop – American Eagle! It’s completely up my street, with its boho style this season. I bought a jumpsuits, a cropped top and some underwear (which was actually from its sister shop aerie). After making our way round the entire mall, we were shattered and honestly ready for a nap!!         
It was not time to stop yet though because Chris had dinner ready on the table and once we had eaten, we were off again… To go on a hot air ballon! It was amazing!! After the initial take off and the fright of the heights, the views were insane and an experience I will never forget. It was a a adventure and a half and I’m now ready to go to bed and get up in the morning to explore more of Canada.           


Lots of love, Elle xxx


My prom makeup 


 I had my year 11 prom last Thursday  and I thought I would be a nice post if I shared how I did my makeup for the night. It is mainly all drug store products, however there are few high end ones sprinkled in there as well. I did my makeup myself because i’m just too scared to let any one else do it for me! Is that bad? Also it was cheaper this way and I means I had it exactly how I wanted. I kept the look very golden on the eyes and checks to match the sparkles on my dress, and went for a nude lip to match the pink in my dress. Furthermore I didn’t add eyeliner or anything black (except mascara) to the eyes because I wanted it natural and not too over the top.  

Firstly I started with No.7 moisturiser for dry/very dry skin. I would highly recommend this moisturiser to people who struggle with dry skin because I haven’t found a moisturiser which kept my skin hydrated all day and that isn’t too sticky. Although it is ¬£14, it is worth every penny mad has lasted me about 4 months which is brilliant considering I use it twice a day. 

Next up was my primer … I used the benefit ‘pore professional primer’ and just applied this with my fingers and let this sink into my skin with the moisturiser for abut 5 minutes.  

While is was waiting for these two products to settle in, I had a good old gossip with my girls and applied my BodyShop eye primer and then my Mac shimmer eye pot in the colour stardust. You can tell I am not a professional as I again applied this with my fingers. I like to put the mac pot on as well as a primer because it keeps my eye shadow on for longer and together they create a lovely base. 

Throughout doing my makeup I was chatting and dancing with my two besties as we were getting ready together! So by the time I had sung to 5sos on loop about 3 times, it was time to start with my foundation. I use the Loreal true match foundation in the colour 2. I applied this not with my hands, but with the expert face brush from real techniques.  

 Once I had done my foundation I like to move onto eyes next, so I can allow my foundation to sink in and settle before I added anything else. Therefore I moved onto the eyes next. I think I did a rather simple eye look but I loved it! Firstly I added the mac ‘all the glitters’ eyeshadow all over my eye lid. This is a gorgeous gold shimmer and I love the mac eyeshadows, because all though they r not cheap, they are highly pigmented and last a long time. Next up I ran the mac ‘Munich’ eyeshadow through my crease. This the created a gold smokey eye, but to add some extra sparkle (why not?!?) I simply patted, with my finger, the same mac shimmer paint pot over the centre if my eye. This added loads more shimmer to the eye and again helped to keep the eyeshadow on my for longer. After my eyeshadow I applied my favourite mascara which is the Maybelline intense lashes mascara to both my top and bottom lashes. This gives loads of length and volume so it’s perfect of u don’t want to wear false lashes. 

Up next was my bronzer, blusher and highlighter. I used the collection shimmer block, the soapandglory blusher and the Mary loo highlighter. I like a fair bit of bronzer especially as it is summer now (even though it was raining the whole night of prom!!) and I think a highlight on the top of your cheeks and below your brow bone gives an extra shimmer too. After These three products were applied, I used the soap an glory powder all over my face to set my makeup.   

Finally It was lip time!!! I primed my lips with the bodyshop lipstick in no.1 which simply moisturises my lips and makes them glossy before I apply my lipstick. Again this is a product I swear by an use probally three times a day. For my actual lipstick I used the soap and glory hi-shine lipstick in the colour nude. It is the most gorgeous nude and isn’t drying at all on your lips. Although I did need to top my lips up throughout the night, I would recommend checking all their lip colours out because they are gorgeous and I think they have the perfect shade for everyone!! 

I had the most amazing and fun night at prom and I hope that anyone also who is going to a prom this year has a great time. Here are a few photos of prom to give you and insight…       
Bye, Elle xxx