Day #4 Рdowntown 

Today we really just chilled and took it easy because we were were shattered from last night. We simply went ‘downtown’ (I feel so hip saying that!!!) and just browsed, took funny photos and got burnt :). Then in the evening we went to aunti Kims to have a BBQ  and swim in their swanky pool. I had an amazing day just chatting with Emma, so I didn’t want this post to be long because we didn’t do anything too exiting. Here are a few photos our funny photo shot outside starbucks… 


Emma and I
loving the yellow wall againt my dress
just ice water because it was boiling today!!!
Iaughing as usal
indroducing canada to cadburys

C ya soon, Love Elle xxx


Day #3 – Canada Day

Today was the day Emma was desperate I came for because it was Canada day. Candadian flags were flying, red clothes were evrywhere and ALL the shops were shut ūüė¶ so after another delicious fruit salad we drove to port Stanley for the afternoon.  

This is one of the Great Lakes in Canada and is ony about 45mins away from Emma’s so it was perfect. We picked up Emma’s freind Claudia on the way and we were off. It was so nice to finally meet Claud because I have followed her on Instagram for the last couple of months and spoken to her a few times on facetime, so to finally meet her was fantastic! At the beach we decided to just chill at the local diner and chat our lives away. It was really windy so we didn’t go in the sea or want to sunbathe, so we simply explored the strip and investigated the new peir. After a portion of chips and a famous Ice cream too it was time to head home and have nap before we headed out for the night.  

 As it was Canada day, Emma took me to a small park nearby to meet all of her other friends and watch a firework display that night. All of the Emma’s friends were so down to earth and lovely, so we had a great night messing around and having a laugh. The fireworks didn’t start until 10pm (which I thought was late, but I suddenly realised that was because it needed to be dark!). It was so cute, and although a bit chilly, a great night! 

See you tommorrow, Elle xxx

Day #2 Рshopping time and facing my fears of flying, again!! 

HELLOOOO … My first day in Canada, where do I start? It was such an amazing day and I had so much fun. The day started off early for me due to jet lag but I ma aged to relax and watched the longest ride while I waited for everyone everyone else to wake up ūüôā
Once we were all up and showered, Chris had a tea waiting for me, and Emma and I gossiped more over fresh fruit for breakfast. It was delicious!! After this wee were ready to roll so for the first day we took it easy by going to a local shopping centre (or as they call it … Shopping mall) to put a dent in my bank account. I found my new favourite shop – American Eagle! It’s completely up my street, with its boho style this season. I bought a jumpsuits, a cropped top and some underwear (which was actually from its sister shop aerie). After making our way round the entire mall, we were shattered and honestly ready for a nap!!         
It was not time to stop yet though because Chris had dinner ready on the table and once we had eaten, we were off again… To go on a hot air ballon! It was amazing!! After the initial take off and the fright of the heights, the views were insane and an experience I will never forget. It was a a adventure and a half and I’m now ready to go to bed and get up in the morning to explore more of Canada.           


Lots of love, Elle xxx

Day #1 – Travelling alone

And so the adventure began today!!! I was so excited, although very nervous at the same time. Although I have travelled on a plane so many times before, this is first time I am travelling alone aboard. The day stared with an early wake up at 4:00am because we wanted to miss rush hour and dad didn’t want to pay for the Dartford crossing :)!! We made really good time and didn’t hit any traffic so arrived super early at the airport, arriving at about 7:00am. Check-in wasn’t even open yet for my Airline and to be honest I don’t blame them because 7 in the morning is EARLY, so dad took me for breakfast. I choose smashed avocado and poached eggs on pancakes. It was delicious but HUGE! I couldn’t eat it all but dad demolished his breakfast burger with sausage, bacon and a fried egg with fried potatoes on the side. Alongside my much needed breakfast tea (cuppa two may I add, as had to have before I left the house this morning) breakfast went down nicely.       
Next, was time to check-in and leaving dad at security (the sad bit) I left dad at the gates and nervously went through security with tears rolling down my face. Don’t ask me why – I’m not sure!! I was leaving to go on and an amazing holiday and I had no reason to be sad but I’m a home bird and always miss my family when I’m away. Once I was through security and the tears were over … SHOPPING!!!! This defiantly cheered me up and always does. I didn’t buy loads but I did treat myself to a new SuperDry top.
The only part I was most nervous about was finding my flight and the right gate and to my surprise it was sooooo easy! Everything was clearly labelled and people were there to help if I needed. Once I had smoothly made it pnto the plane, a wave of anxiousness came across me. For some stupid I realised that there were no TV’s on the plane and I couldn’t stop myself from crying. This was embarrassing!!! Again I had no reason to be crying because I had already spoken to three lovely girls who were also travelling on their own and a kind man had helped me put my suitcase in the over head lockers. I didn’t know what to so because I felt like I had no one to speak to – I was wrong! I took myself to get back of the plane and just burst into tears to three of the air hostesses. They told me there wS nothing to worry about, gave me a hug, a glass of water and an iPad!! They kindly told me I could go and see them at any point during the journey and gave me an iPad for the whole journey to keep me entertained. I didn’t even tell them I was crying over there being no stupid TV’s!!! Once we were up in the air I was fine and to be honest the flight didn’t feel too long, but it never does once you are flying. I entertained myself with FOOD (probably not the best but it works), magazines, books, music and the films on the iPad. 
Once we had landed, I started to get excited! I jumped off the plane and flew through passport control really quickly, which was lucky. However I was waiting, at baggage claim for a good 25 minutes. Although once I had managed to hull my heavy suitcase off, it was time to see Emma!!!! OMG I was sooooo excited!! As soon as I got through the door I could see her waving and i went running towards her with a huge hug. It has been a year since we have seen each other so on the 2 hour journey back from the airport we were chit chatting away the whole journey. Sorry Chris (Emma’s dad)!!! 
I now couldn’t believe I had made it all the way Canada by myself and I it wasn’t event that hard. By the time I had got home I was shattered and after refreshing with a shower, I needed some sleep as I had been awake for over 24hours but it was still the afternoon here, so Emma took me to McDonald’s where most of her friends work to get a ice cream and just chilled. We meet a couple of her friends and everyone loved the English accent!! As I was falling asleep at the table, we decided to head back home and get an early night, excited for tomorrow!!   
Lots of love and travels,

Elle xxx

What’s in my travel bag?¬†

If you read my last post you will know that I am going away for three weeks very soon and when it comes to travelling, I am not one of those people who pack light. For my hand language I am taking a small suit case and a handbag, purely because I cannot fit all my clothes into my main suitcase. I will not bother going through my travel on suitcase otherwise, we will be here all day, so I’m just going to share what’s in my handbag I’m taking On the plane with me. 
I always over prepare myself for flights because I would hate to be in a suituation where I didn’t have something I needed. Therefore I over pack hugely!! I am taking my brown longchamp bag because it’s the biggest zip-up bag I own and is easy to carry. I am not a fan of backpacks so this is perfect!     
Firstly have a small clutch bag which has all my most important things in, which I cannot loose!! It easier to have it all in one place so when you come to find it you don’t have to rummage through your massive bag. I this I have …. 

– Phone 

– Purse

– Travel money

– Passport (I love this pink leather case I have for my passport to keep it extra protected)

– iPod

– Ticket for that specific flight 

All my other paperwork such as my other tickets, itinerary and travel insurance will be keep in a polly pocket to keep them safe. These peices of paper I will not need for that flight so I will keep them separately so I don’t get them all mixed up.  

Secondly I have two very small toiletry bags. One contains sanitary items (always remember that girls because that would be the worse situation to be stuck in without it!!) In the other green one I don’t have all my makeup but just essentials …. 

– blaster plasters 

– paracetamol

– concealer (just to put a little on after the flight because from my experience you never look your best after a long flight) 

– face expert brush (for the concealer) 

– Vaseline 

– pocket mirror 

– Hairbands (nothing worse than having your hair annoying you, especially if you have long hair like me)  

– face wipes (for a little refresheren after you land or just before)

– solid perfume  

As for entertainment …. I have two books, my notepad, my iPad and a colouring book. I will also need to buy a pair of headphones at the airport and put my charges into my bag before the flight too.   
I’m now super excited about going away, and want to leave now!!! I will keep you all updated on my travels…

Elle xxx

My prom makeup 


 I had my year 11 prom last Thursday  and I thought I would be a nice post if I shared how I did my makeup for the night. It is mainly all drug store products, however there are few high end ones sprinkled in there as well. I did my makeup myself because i’m just too scared to let any one else do it for me! Is that bad? Also it was cheaper this way and I means I had it exactly how I wanted. I kept the look very golden on the eyes and checks to match the sparkles on my dress, and went for a nude lip to match the pink in my dress. Furthermore I didn’t add eyeliner or anything black (except mascara) to the eyes because I wanted it natural and not too over the top.  

Firstly I started with No.7 moisturiser for dry/very dry skin. I would highly recommend this moisturiser to people who struggle with dry skin because I haven’t found a moisturiser which kept my skin hydrated all day and that isn’t too sticky. Although it is ¬£14, it is worth every penny mad has lasted me about 4 months which is brilliant considering I use it twice a day. 

Next up was my primer … I used the benefit ‘pore professional primer’ and just applied this with my fingers and let this sink into my skin with the moisturiser for abut 5 minutes.  

While is was waiting for these two products to settle in, I had a good old gossip with my girls and applied my BodyShop eye primer and then my Mac shimmer eye pot in the colour stardust. You can tell I am not a professional as I again applied this with my fingers. I like to put the mac pot on as well as a primer because it keeps my eye shadow on for longer and together they create a lovely base. 

Throughout doing my makeup I was chatting and dancing with my two besties as we were getting ready together! So by the time I had sung to 5sos on loop about 3 times, it was time to start with my foundation. I use the Loreal true match foundation in the colour 2. I applied this not with my hands, but with the expert face brush from real techniques.  

 Once I had done my foundation I like to move onto eyes next, so I can allow my foundation to sink in and settle before I added anything else. Therefore I moved onto the eyes next. I think I did a rather simple eye look but I loved it! Firstly I added the mac ‘all the glitters’ eyeshadow all over my eye lid. This is a gorgeous gold shimmer and I love the mac eyeshadows, because all though they r not cheap, they are highly pigmented and last a long time. Next up I ran the mac ‘Munich’ eyeshadow through my crease. This the created a gold smokey eye, but to add some extra sparkle (why not?!?) I simply patted, with my finger, the same mac shimmer paint pot over the centre if my eye. This added loads more shimmer to the eye and again helped to keep the eyeshadow on my for longer. After my eyeshadow I applied my favourite mascara which is the Maybelline intense lashes mascara to both my top and bottom lashes. This gives loads of length and volume so it’s perfect of u don’t want to wear false lashes. 

Up next was my bronzer, blusher and highlighter. I used the collection shimmer block, the soapandglory blusher and the Mary loo highlighter. I like a fair bit of bronzer especially as it is summer now (even though it was raining the whole night of prom!!) and I think a highlight on the top of your cheeks and below your brow bone gives an extra shimmer too. After These three products were applied, I used the soap an glory powder all over my face to set my makeup.   

Finally It was lip time!!! I primed my lips with the bodyshop lipstick in no.1 which simply moisturises my lips and makes them glossy before I apply my lipstick. Again this is a product I swear by an use probally three times a day. For my actual lipstick I used the soap and glory hi-shine lipstick in the colour nude. It is the most gorgeous nude and isn’t drying at all on your lips. Although I did need to top my lips up throughout the night, I would recommend checking all their lip colours out because they are gorgeous and I think they have the perfect shade for everyone!! 

I had the most amazing and fun night at prom and I hope that anyone also who is going to a prom this year has a great time. Here are a few photos of prom to give you and insight…       
Bye, Elle xxx

Jewlery, Jewlery, Jewlery 

I absolutely LOVE Jewelry and i own way too much of it. My mum is always telling me, before I leave the house to go shopping, “don’t go and buy anymore jewelry.” But I do – I just can’t help it. Accessorize is the place to go if you r a jewelry lover like me! Here are some of my favorite items …

  1. Turkish Eye necklace – this was not actually from Accessorize (which is surprising) but it is actually from Turkey, Istanbul. They have hundreds and thousands of jewelry shops there selling loads and loads of beautiful gold and silver necklaces, brackets, earrings … you name it and they will have it. I saw this necklace though and fell in love with it! It is so simple but so elegant at the same time. It is my everyday necklace because it goes with everything and brightens up any outfit. It is silver and I think it was about ¬£20, which is a bargain because I know I will be wearing this for years to come.      
  2. Hanging Leaf – I got this necklace last year for Christmas and I have not stoped wearing it since. It is beautiful and from accessorize. it is simply a long hanging necklace with a rather large but delicate silver leaf on the end of it. It goes with high neck tops and most of my dresses too. It’s perfect if you need something to brighten up an LBD!!         
  3. Golden ring bracklet – I didn’t know what to call this one so named it ‘Golden ring bracklet’ because it is a blue rope with lots if gold rings threaded on it. Again this is my eveyday bracklet and it is one the deputy head of taken off me before. I never wore bracklets before I got this one because I couldn’t get them on or take them off!!! But this one is easy because it doesn’t have a clasp. Likewise it’s from accesorize and I think it was around ¬£8.     
  4. Silver flower earrings – These are my most worn pair of earrings because you can dress them up or dress them down. Personally I like to wear them with a messy pony tail for a smart-casual occasion. I wore them pretty much eveyday of the Christmas holidays and now school is approaching, I’m going to be sad to leave them behind. These are actually from Santa Fe in America and they were from my grandparents who live there. I think they are so pretty and unique!!    
  5. The statement gold necklace – I have saved this one for last because out of all the jewellery I own, this is my absolute favourite and I only wear it in special occasions. This is, to your surprise, from accesorize and I got it from my mum last year for Christmas. I think it was around ¬£18. Which is well worth it’s money I think because I have worn it so many times and it looks way more expansive than it actually is. It looks great with any LBD because the gold really constants again the black.  It is very modern and unique but it still looks gorgeous and classy at the same time.     

Let me know if you like this kind of post and if you would like to see other posts like this. 

Love Elle xxx



    If you are having a hard time with school, friends, family or just feeling down, then I have one word of advice for you . . . SMILE!!!! Yep just SMILE. It seems like a simple thing but if you smile it does cheer you up and make you feel better. (there is some science behind it all but I don’t know what it is) so if you are feeling down now or even if you are not just smile to yourself and see how you feel.

    It is my best friends and I’s thing, because we always say SMILE to each other in person or over text, with a really cheesy grin or lots of emoji faces, if one of us is down about something. So remember next time you are feeling down just SMILE to yourself and remember there is always something to be grateful for! Likewise say it to a friend to cheer them up, it could become your ¬†thing.SMILE (balllons)

    Lots of Love Elle xxx


    40 facts about me

    Ok … I don’t know where to start but I just thought you would like to know a bIt more about me, so here we go…

    1. My name is Elle
    2. I’m 16 years old
    3. My nickname is Mellen
    4. That’s why this blog is called Mellen11 (the 11 is because my birthday is on the 11th and 11 is my favorite number)
    5. I have brown hair and blue eyes
    6. I have golden highlights in my hair because I am lucky that my nana is a hairdresser so she dies my hair however and whenever
    7. I have one brother but I have 4 very close cousins and we are as close as brothers and sisters 
    8. I live with my mum and brother but we live very close to the whole of my mums family
    9. I play the cello and I have done since I was about 8
    10. My favourite subject is textiles, which lead me to my next fact
    11. When I am older I want to work in fashion and do textiles at university
    12. I my dream university would be London college of fashion because it’s LONDON COLLEGE OF FASHION and also my nana went there in the 60’s
    13. As well as being madly into fashion, I love sewing
    14. My nana used to sew so she got me into sewing and she has taught me everything I know now
    15. My favourite item of clothing I have made is a peplum top in a grey spotty material
    16. One day I want to live in London towerbridge london
    17. I love travelling and going in holiday, so next year I am going on holiday alone for the first time to America and Canada
    18. My favourite country is Italy. I feel in love with it last year when I went there with school, on choir tour. I cannot wait to visit again!!!italy
    19. My favourite food is pancakes ( my mum has secret recipe – she makes best the pancakes ever!!!!!)
    20. I do not like cereal (don’t know why …. I just do)
    21. My favourite food to have for a main, has to my nana’s roast. She makes one every Sunday for the whole family (about 16 of us) and nothing beats its
    22. I love one direction – I have seen them twice in concert and tehy were amazing!!!!one direction
    23. My favourite member of 1D is Niall Horan
    24. But my celebrity crush is Liam Hemworth
    25. My youtuber crush is Alfie Deyes
    26. I can’t name favourite youtuber because there are too many to choose from but some of my favourite are…pointless blog, zoella, Tanya burr, inthefrow, thatcherjoe, sacconejolys, pixiwoo
    27. My favourite blogger has to be inthefrow … Victoria is my role model and if I get even 1% as good has her, I will be happy!inthefrow
    28. My pet hate is chewing gum – I know it’s random but I cannot stand it
    29. My favorite TV show is Made in chelsea
    30. My guilty pleasure is cold pizza (again random but I love it and always tell my mum to make extra pizza so that I can have some for lunch)
    31. Every Saturday I run a 5k at the community organisation called park run. All of my family do it but they’re all faster than me so I run with one of my best friends
    32. I’m not massively into sport and I hate PE at school, but I do excersise to keep fit and have fun with my friends
    33. I am not competitive at all and that is partly the reason why I don’t like sport at school, and why I only do exercise for fun
    34. If I could wish for one skill… It would to be able to cook and bake
    35. My favorite high street store is new look and accessorize
    36. My favorite designer brand is JackWills
    37. My clothing must have is a simple tee from JackWills
    38. My beauty must have is the lasting collection perfection concealer
    39. I hate not having my nails painted and I get told off all the time at school for having my nails done, because we are not allowed…. Oops!!!
    40. My favorite brand of nail vanish has to be Barry M

    Well , I think that is all guys ….. See you soon

    Love Elle xxx

    5 easy hairstyles 

    Ok … As most of you know, I am massively into hair and I am always wearing my hair in different styles, but I thought I would share with you the easiest styles I wear all the time.  

    1. Messy Ponytail –  this is probally the most common and popular way to wear your hair but I always put a twist on it.  Firstly I like to make it very messy and I do not do it too high on my head. Secondly I like to add a big messy plait going into the ponytail and and sometimes some smaller plaits to add texture to the hairstyle.   
    2. Half up Half Down  – this is my go to hair style if I am in a rush and you can make this hairstyle look formal or very casual. Also this is a very pretty look too. I like to braid sections at the front and then simply pin half my hair up with a bobbin pins. It looks like you have put in loads of effort but really it is so simple!!!!!                                             
    3. Fish Tail Plait – I know everyone has heard of this style and everyone has been wearing it but again it is such a pretty look and perfect for smart or casual. I quite often wear this for school, and so that it stays in all day I like to do a French plait round the back of my head going into the fishtail.  
    4. French Plait – My mum used to do these for me all the time when I was in primary school and I have completely got into them again!! I like to wear one French plait straight down the middle and back of head (espicially for sport). If I want a more casual or pretty look I like to pull bits of hair out at the fount or have it going round to the side.    
    5. Half up Half Down BUN – I LOVE this look. I think it looks so cool and casual for eveyday. It is PERFECT if you need to throw your hair up in 30 seconds and it doesn’t matter if it looks messy because it is supposed to. If I want this to look more formal, I curl just the ends off hair (which works really nicely because I have long hair)    

    Let me know what your favourite hairstyles are at the moment… C ya soon

    Love Elle xxx