Temporary Dressing Table 

At the moment mine and my brothers bathroom is being updated so yesterday I had to clean all my makeup/ beauty products out of the bathroom and find a new home for them, for the next month. Firstly I separated the products I regularly used from the ones I didn’t. I had a good old clear out and stored away all the things I didn’t use regularly into a huge box. Next I put all my shampoos, body wash and all the things I needed for the bathroom, into another box which is now being stored in mums ensuite which Ben and I are now going to have to share with her for the next month. Now …. Makeup! Mum said I wasn’t allowed to keep or do my makeup in her bathroom because there just wasnt going to be enough room for both of us in the morning. So this is when I created my own little bathroom/ dressing table ontop of my chest of draws. So I thought I would give you a Little tour and some tips about temporary storage. 

Firstly on my chest of drawer I have my  usual Jewlery storage plus I have added bits and bobs from the bathroom including, all my body moisturisers/ deodorants, my contact lenses, Hairbands/ hair clips and of cause my makeup with my brushes and mirror.  

Firstly on the left hand corner I have set up a little Jewlery stand and earring pot to neatly keep all my necklaces and earrings. My Jewlery stand is from Oliver Bonas and I made the pot in DT when I was about 12. It’s an elephant!! (OMG sorry I know it needs a dust) You also might see that there are just some pieces laying on the top, these are my most worn peices of Jewlery and are just cute decoration. There is also a very cute robin key ring from accesorize which I got one Christmas. 




Next I decided to recycle the large Vaseline tin and keep all my contacts and large hair clips in. I  think this is rather quirky and very unique so I love it!!!!!  


Next  is this deco patch cat which I made at work. I work in a little art shop and when this cat came into The store I knew I needed to make it because it is perfect for your hair bands or brackets. It is also unquie because you have made it! It adds another dimension and a pop of colour.  

Also on the right hand side, I have made a small collection of my regular loctions and potions!! As well has my galsess’ two pallets and my I LOVE NY m&m’s!!!

Next onto makeup ….. This is the more exciting bit!! I Simply have a cute tin which I am keeping all my everyday makeup in. Next to this I have my mirror and then I pot, which I also made, with all my brushes in. 

I think that’s all for now 

Lots of love Elle xxx


Be Nice First

Hi guys…I thought I would take a quote today which I live by and I think is a very important lesson which often people do not follow. I do not want to tell you what to do but I thought I would share a few ways in which you can “Be Nice First”.

be nice

  1. SMILE – I have found that if you smile at someone, whether you know them or not, they will always smile back. Try it! I have found that when I am having a down day and someone smiles at me, it makes me feel as if someone cares or someone is generally trying to make me feel happy, which is such a nice feeling. It doesn’t take much to smile at someone in school or on the street, and you never know it could make someones day!
  2. A Little note just to say whatever you want – I quite often write little thank you notes to people or just a little note once in a while to a friend saying how much they mean to me. You do not need to buy a fancy card which costs £5, all its needs to be is a bit of lined paper and a thoughtful note from you! As I am creative and love drawing, I like to draw a personal picture or doodle on the front, but you don’t have to. It is the thought that counts!
  3. Listening – Remember you do not always have to talk to make someone feel better, sometimes people need someone who will listen to them. I know that in the past, all I have needed is for someone to talk to. Quite often people want to gets things off their chest so be nice first and have an open ear so friends can come and talk to you.

These three things are so simple and cost nothing at all. I would love it if this week you could try at least one of these things and be nice first. I promise you, it will not only make someone else feel better but also you!

Love Elle   xxx

The Beach is a Happy Place!! 

Hey there, 

I know this is my first blog post but I’m no good at introducing myself or goodbyes for that matter so I’m just going to get straight to it … 

I recently visited Cornwall with my mum and brother, and while I was sitting on the beach my mum said something to me which inspired me to write this post! She said …”the beach is such a happy place! All people of all shapes and sizes just having a great time. I have never seen anyone who is not having a good time at the beach!” I agree with this and gave it some thought. 

It’s true – when u go to the beach everyone is having a great time and no one judges u. I sat on the top of this huge cliff (with an amassing view my I add) and I just watched everyone on the beach! It’s sounds a wired thing to do but it made me smile! Wathcing everyone splashing in and out of the waves, sunbathing and eating with their friends and family proved my mums point. Everyone was having such a great time!!! The beach was a happy place!!!

So this summer … Remember this and think about the beach if u are having a down day or even go to the beach because I am sure it will lift u spirits. What is better than eating fish and chips, sunbathing and having a relaxed, worry-free time with family!! 

C ya soon 

Elle xxx