My prom makeup 


 I had my year 11 prom last Thursday  and I thought I would be a nice post if I shared how I did my makeup for the night. It is mainly all drug store products, however there are few high end ones sprinkled in there as well. I did my makeup myself because i’m just too scared to let any one else do it for me! Is that bad? Also it was cheaper this way and I means I had it exactly how I wanted. I kept the look very golden on the eyes and checks to match the sparkles on my dress, and went for a nude lip to match the pink in my dress. Furthermore I didn’t add eyeliner or anything black (except mascara) to the eyes because I wanted it natural and not too over the top.  

Firstly I started with No.7 moisturiser for dry/very dry skin. I would highly recommend this moisturiser to people who struggle with dry skin because I haven’t found a moisturiser which kept my skin hydrated all day and that isn’t too sticky. Although it is £14, it is worth every penny mad has lasted me about 4 months which is brilliant considering I use it twice a day. 

Next up was my primer … I used the benefit ‘pore professional primer’ and just applied this with my fingers and let this sink into my skin with the moisturiser for abut 5 minutes.  

While is was waiting for these two products to settle in, I had a good old gossip with my girls and applied my BodyShop eye primer and then my Mac shimmer eye pot in the colour stardust. You can tell I am not a professional as I again applied this with my fingers. I like to put the mac pot on as well as a primer because it keeps my eye shadow on for longer and together they create a lovely base. 

Throughout doing my makeup I was chatting and dancing with my two besties as we were getting ready together! So by the time I had sung to 5sos on loop about 3 times, it was time to start with my foundation. I use the Loreal true match foundation in the colour 2. I applied this not with my hands, but with the expert face brush from real techniques.  

 Once I had done my foundation I like to move onto eyes next, so I can allow my foundation to sink in and settle before I added anything else. Therefore I moved onto the eyes next. I think I did a rather simple eye look but I loved it! Firstly I added the mac ‘all the glitters’ eyeshadow all over my eye lid. This is a gorgeous gold shimmer and I love the mac eyeshadows, because all though they r not cheap, they are highly pigmented and last a long time. Next up I ran the mac ‘Munich’ eyeshadow through my crease. This the created a gold smokey eye, but to add some extra sparkle (why not?!?) I simply patted, with my finger, the same mac shimmer paint pot over the centre if my eye. This added loads more shimmer to the eye and again helped to keep the eyeshadow on my for longer. After my eyeshadow I applied my favourite mascara which is the Maybelline intense lashes mascara to both my top and bottom lashes. This gives loads of length and volume so it’s perfect of u don’t want to wear false lashes. 

Up next was my bronzer, blusher and highlighter. I used the collection shimmer block, the soapandglory blusher and the Mary loo highlighter. I like a fair bit of bronzer especially as it is summer now (even though it was raining the whole night of prom!!) and I think a highlight on the top of your cheeks and below your brow bone gives an extra shimmer too. After These three products were applied, I used the soap an glory powder all over my face to set my makeup.   

Finally It was lip time!!! I primed my lips with the bodyshop lipstick in no.1 which simply moisturises my lips and makes them glossy before I apply my lipstick. Again this is a product I swear by an use probally three times a day. For my actual lipstick I used the soap and glory hi-shine lipstick in the colour nude. It is the most gorgeous nude and isn’t drying at all on your lips. Although I did need to top my lips up throughout the night, I would recommend checking all their lip colours out because they are gorgeous and I think they have the perfect shade for everyone!! 

I had the most amazing and fun night at prom and I hope that anyone also who is going to a prom this year has a great time. Here are a few photos of prom to give you and insight…       
Bye, Elle xxx


‘Soap and Glory’ products 

 Where do I start ….. I LOVE Soap and Glory!!! I thought I would share my favourites which I have bought more then once and swear by everyday. I cannot recommend this brand enough so I thought I would share my everyday favourites with you.   
Here we go …. I am going to start with the ‘washing products’ ( I didn’t know what to call them – bascially shower gels). I have a scrub and shower gel which are both the fragrance ‘clean on me’ (the original scent), which is my favourite out of all the fragrances. I like to use the shower gel everyday but the scrub only once or twice a week. Both make me smell gorgeous and feel super clean after use. I would highly recommend theese two products because they last a long time and are really good quality!


Secondly is the ‘kick ass concealer’ which is a three in one product – what could be better?? It’s contains two concealer and a powder. I must admit …. I probably use this one the least out of all my products because it lives in my school bag for emergencies. I mainly use the powder because it is a smaller more compact version of my everyday powder. However when I’m in desperate need some concealer I will use this as it fits in my bag perfectly and is always there when I need it. 


Next is my everyday powder. I don’t know how to give this enough praise because it is BRILLIANT!!! It makes my face look so perfected and perfectly matte as well as keeping my makeup on all day. It’s gives a photo finish and. I would recommend this to anyone. 

This blusher is gorgeous and again is used everyday because it gives more a shimmer and natural glow than a full on pink blusher. I don’t like having really rosy cheeks so this is perfect. It also acts as a highlighter too which is makes it even more beautiful.

Let me know what your favourite highstreet brands are…

Lots of love Elle xxx

Jewlery, Jewlery, Jewlery 

I absolutely LOVE Jewelry and i own way too much of it. My mum is always telling me, before I leave the house to go shopping, “don’t go and buy anymore jewelry.” But I do – I just can’t help it. Accessorize is the place to go if you r a jewelry lover like me! Here are some of my favorite items …

  1. Turkish Eye necklace – this was not actually from Accessorize (which is surprising) but it is actually from Turkey, Istanbul. They have hundreds and thousands of jewelry shops there selling loads and loads of beautiful gold and silver necklaces, brackets, earrings … you name it and they will have it. I saw this necklace though and fell in love with it! It is so simple but so elegant at the same time. It is my everyday necklace because it goes with everything and brightens up any outfit. It is silver and I think it was about £20, which is a bargain because I know I will be wearing this for years to come.      
  2. Hanging Leaf – I got this necklace last year for Christmas and I have not stoped wearing it since. It is beautiful and from accessorize. it is simply a long hanging necklace with a rather large but delicate silver leaf on the end of it. It goes with high neck tops and most of my dresses too. It’s perfect if you need something to brighten up an LBD!!         
  3. Golden ring bracklet – I didn’t know what to call this one so named it ‘Golden ring bracklet’ because it is a blue rope with lots if gold rings threaded on it. Again this is my eveyday bracklet and it is one the deputy head of taken off me before. I never wore bracklets before I got this one because I couldn’t get them on or take them off!!! But this one is easy because it doesn’t have a clasp. Likewise it’s from accesorize and I think it was around £8.     
  4. Silver flower earrings – These are my most worn pair of earrings because you can dress them up or dress them down. Personally I like to wear them with a messy pony tail for a smart-casual occasion. I wore them pretty much eveyday of the Christmas holidays and now school is approaching, I’m going to be sad to leave them behind. These are actually from Santa Fe in America and they were from my grandparents who live there. I think they are so pretty and unique!!    
  5. The statement gold necklace – I have saved this one for last because out of all the jewellery I own, this is my absolute favourite and I only wear it in special occasions. This is, to your surprise, from accesorize and I got it from my mum last year for Christmas. I think it was around £18. Which is well worth it’s money I think because I have worn it so many times and it looks way more expansive than it actually is. It looks great with any LBD because the gold really constants again the black.  It is very modern and unique but it still looks gorgeous and classy at the same time.     

Let me know if you like this kind of post and if you would like to see other posts like this. 

Love Elle xxx


    New Beauty Products for that Natural Summer Glow

    At the weekend I went into town with my bestie and we hit the high-street stores. I’ve tried them all out and here are my favourites which i have found to give me such a gorgeous summer glow…

    all products

    all produccts 2

    bronze products

    I don’t know where to start but I think I have to mention my favourite one first, which is the Maybelline “Lash Sensational”. I have two favourite mascaras, one which gives a natural look (“Bad Gal” Benefit mascara) and one which gives a fuller more false lash effect (They’re Real mascara also by Benefit). Sorry Benefit, but that has now all changed. My “They’re Real” mascara has gone to the back of the draw and my new favourite is the Maybelline “Lash sensational”. I have heard so many other bloggers talk about this and I knew I had to try it and WOW … they were right! It makes my lashes twice and long and twice as full. Also it gives such a lovely curl. How does it do it? I don’t know.

    These next two products are not new to the shops but I have been meaning to try them out for ages! The are the Collection “gorgeous glow” shimmer cube and the Maybelline “24hour Colour Tattoo” in the shade 35 (“On and On Bronze”) . OMG the shimmer cube is so stunning. Its gives you a gorgeous summer glow all over your face and it looks fantastic with tan  (which am desperatly trying to keep from my recent trip to Cornwall). I have also used the different sections as natural eyes shadows. The top cream shade on the cube, I have found to be an excellent highlighter for below the eyebrow too. If you are looking for a bronzer or some shimmer to wear when you are holiday I would deffinatly recommend this! To go with this, to create a bronzed summer look and I would recommend the “24hour Colour Tattoo” in the colour 35 (“On and On Bronze'”). This is by maybelline and I have found it to be so pigmented and easy to use. I have used it own its own, and also as a base and then built up layers on top of it. I simply use my fingers to apply this and it sooooo beautiful! It is the perfect shade for a natural summer glow.

    (The bottom shade is the “24hour colour tattoo” by Maybelline in the shade 35 (“On and On Bronze’))

    what they look like

    (The top colour the “Revlon Colourburst” in the shade 105)

    Next up is the “Revlon Colourburst” in the shade 105. I am not a massive lipstick lover so I have fallen in love with the “Revlon Colourburst” sticks. My favourite is shade 105 which is this girly shimmery pink. This is now my everyday lipgloss because it is so easy to apply and build up, depending on how strong you want your lips to be that day. It is also very moisturising and doesn’t leave your lips feeling sticky at all!!! I hate lip glosses which feel sticky and gloppy on your lips so this one is perfect!

    Finally, I need to rave out the new Body Shop, “Honey Bronze” in the shade 02. This is brand new to the Body shop and they have 3 colours so far… A bronzer, a highlighter and this one, a blusher. They are especially out for summer because they give you a natural summer glow and look fantastic with tan, once again. I feel like I have said that million times in this post!! Pretty much every product in the post look great with a tan! Perfect for summer! Anyway lets get back to the product … I love this blusher because it is a cream so it is great for my dry skin (doesn’t dry it out at all). Also due to its size, its easy to pop in my bag, although I have found its stays on so well throughout day, so I have not needed to top it up. The other great thing about this products is that it comes in a dome shape so I apply it straight onto my face without using a brush or my fingers. I know I will be going back to body shop purchasing the other two very shorty because think they are fantastic.

    I know I will defiantly be wearing all of these products in my everyday makeup and when I go on holiday in August. let me know whether you liked this post and whether you want to see more post likes this.

    Bye, Elle   xxx