Day #3 – Canada Day

Today was the day Emma was desperate I came for because it was Canada day. Candadian flags were flying, red clothes were evrywhere and ALL the shops were shut 😦 so after another delicious fruit salad we drove to port Stanley for the afternoon.  

This is one of the Great Lakes in Canada and is ony about 45mins away from Emma’s so it was perfect. We picked up Emma’s freind Claudia on the way and we were off. It was so nice to finally meet Claud because I have followed her on Instagram for the last couple of months and spoken to her a few times on facetime, so to finally meet her was fantastic! At the beach we decided to just chill at the local diner and chat our lives away. It was really windy so we didn’t go in the sea or want to sunbathe, so we simply explored the strip and investigated the new peir. After a portion of chips and a famous Ice cream too it was time to head home and have nap before we headed out for the night.  

 As it was Canada day, Emma took me to a small park nearby to meet all of her other friends and watch a firework display that night. All of the Emma’s friends were so down to earth and lovely, so we had a great night messing around and having a laugh. The fireworks didn’t start until 10pm (which I thought was late, but I suddenly realised that was because it needed to be dark!). It was so cute, and although a bit chilly, a great night! 

See you tommorrow, Elle xxx


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