What’s in my travel bag? 

If you read my last post you will know that I am going away for three weeks very soon and when it comes to travelling, I am not one of those people who pack light. For my hand language I am taking a small suit case and a handbag, purely because I cannot fit all my clothes into my main suitcase. I will not bother going through my travel on suitcase otherwise, we will be here all day, so I’m just going to share what’s in my handbag I’m taking On the plane with me. 
I always over prepare myself for flights because I would hate to be in a suituation where I didn’t have something I needed. Therefore I over pack hugely!! I am taking my brown longchamp bag because it’s the biggest zip-up bag I own and is easy to carry. I am not a fan of backpacks so this is perfect!     
Firstly have a small clutch bag which has all my most important things in, which I cannot loose!! It easier to have it all in one place so when you come to find it you don’t have to rummage through your massive bag. I this I have …. 

– Phone 

– Purse

– Travel money

– Passport (I love this pink leather case I have for my passport to keep it extra protected)

– iPod

– Ticket for that specific flight 

All my other paperwork such as my other tickets, itinerary and travel insurance will be keep in a polly pocket to keep them safe. These peices of paper I will not need for that flight so I will keep them separately so I don’t get them all mixed up.  

Secondly I have two very small toiletry bags. One contains sanitary items (always remember that girls because that would be the worse situation to be stuck in without it!!) In the other green one I don’t have all my makeup but just essentials …. 

– blaster plasters 

– paracetamol

– concealer (just to put a little on after the flight because from my experience you never look your best after a long flight) 

– face expert brush (for the concealer) 

– Vaseline 

– pocket mirror 

– Hairbands (nothing worse than having your hair annoying you, especially if you have long hair like me)  

– face wipes (for a little refresheren after you land or just before)

– solid perfume  

As for entertainment …. I have two books, my notepad, my iPad and a colouring book. I will also need to buy a pair of headphones at the airport and put my charges into my bag before the flight too.   
I’m now super excited about going away, and want to leave now!!! I will keep you all updated on my travels…

Elle xxx


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