‘Soap and Glory’ products 

 Where do I start ….. I LOVE Soap and Glory!!! I thought I would share my favourites which I have bought more then once and swear by everyday. I cannot recommend this brand enough so I thought I would share my everyday favourites with you.   
Here we go …. I am going to start with the ‘washing products’ ( I didn’t know what to call them – bascially shower gels). I have a scrub and shower gel which are both the fragrance ‘clean on me’ (the original scent), which is my favourite out of all the fragrances. I like to use the shower gel everyday but the scrub only once or twice a week. Both make me smell gorgeous and feel super clean after use. I would highly recommend theese two products because they last a long time and are really good quality!


Secondly is the ‘kick ass concealer’ which is a three in one product – what could be better?? It’s contains two concealer and a powder. I must admit …. I probably use this one the least out of all my products because it lives in my school bag for emergencies. I mainly use the powder because it is a smaller more compact version of my everyday powder. However when I’m in desperate need some concealer I will use this as it fits in my bag perfectly and is always there when I need it. 


Next is my everyday powder. I don’t know how to give this enough praise because it is BRILLIANT!!! It makes my face look so perfected and perfectly matte as well as keeping my makeup on all day. It’s gives a photo finish and. I would recommend this to anyone. 

This blusher is gorgeous and again is used everyday because it gives more a shimmer and natural glow than a full on pink blusher. I don’t like having really rosy cheeks so this is perfect. It also acts as a highlighter too which is makes it even more beautiful.

Let me know what your favourite highstreet brands are…

Lots of love Elle xxx


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