Temporary Dressing Table 

At the moment mine and my brothers bathroom is being updated so yesterday I had to clean all my makeup/ beauty products out of the bathroom and find a new home for them, for the next month. Firstly I separated the products I regularly used from the ones I didn’t. I had a good old clear out and stored away all the things I didn’t use regularly into a huge box. Next I put all my shampoos, body wash and all the things I needed for the bathroom, into another box which is now being stored in mums ensuite which Ben and I are now going to have to share with her for the next month. Now …. Makeup! Mum said I wasn’t allowed to keep or do my makeup in her bathroom because there just wasnt going to be enough room for both of us in the morning. So this is when I created my own little bathroom/ dressing table ontop of my chest of draws. So I thought I would give you a Little tour and some tips about temporary storage. 

Firstly on my chest of drawer I have my  usual Jewlery storage plus I have added bits and bobs from the bathroom including, all my body moisturisers/ deodorants, my contact lenses, Hairbands/ hair clips and of cause my makeup with my brushes and mirror.  

Firstly on the left hand corner I have set up a little Jewlery stand and earring pot to neatly keep all my necklaces and earrings. My Jewlery stand is from Oliver Bonas and I made the pot in DT when I was about 12. It’s an elephant!! (OMG sorry I know it needs a dust) You also might see that there are just some pieces laying on the top, these are my most worn peices of Jewlery and are just cute decoration. There is also a very cute robin key ring from accesorize which I got one Christmas. 




Next I decided to recycle the large Vaseline tin and keep all my contacts and large hair clips in. I  think this is rather quirky and very unique so I love it!!!!!  


Next  is this deco patch cat which I made at work. I work in a little art shop and when this cat came into The store I knew I needed to make it because it is perfect for your hair bands or brackets. It is also unquie because you have made it! It adds another dimension and a pop of colour.  

Also on the right hand side, I have made a small collection of my regular loctions and potions!! As well has my galsess’ two pallets and my I LOVE NY m&m’s!!!

Next onto makeup ….. This is the more exciting bit!! I Simply have a cute tin which I am keeping all my everyday makeup in. Next to this I have my mirror and then I pot, which I also made, with all my brushes in. 

I think that’s all for now 

Lots of love Elle xxx


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