Jewlery, Jewlery, Jewlery 

I absolutely LOVE Jewelry and i own way too much of it. My mum is always telling me, before I leave the house to go shopping, “don’t go and buy anymore jewelry.” But I do – I just can’t help it. Accessorize is the place to go if you r a jewelry lover like me! Here are some of my favorite items …

  1. Turkish Eye necklace – this was not actually from Accessorize (which is surprising) but it is actually from Turkey, Istanbul. They have hundreds and thousands of jewelry shops there selling loads and loads of beautiful gold and silver necklaces, brackets, earrings … you name it and they will have it. I saw this necklace though and fell in love with it! It is so simple but so elegant at the same time. It is my everyday necklace because it goes with everything and brightens up any outfit. It is silver and I think it was about £20, which is a bargain because I know I will be wearing this for years to come.      
  2. Hanging Leaf – I got this necklace last year for Christmas and I have not stoped wearing it since. It is beautiful and from accessorize. it is simply a long hanging necklace with a rather large but delicate silver leaf on the end of it. It goes with high neck tops and most of my dresses too. It’s perfect if you need something to brighten up an LBD!!         
  3. Golden ring bracklet – I didn’t know what to call this one so named it ‘Golden ring bracklet’ because it is a blue rope with lots if gold rings threaded on it. Again this is my eveyday bracklet and it is one the deputy head of taken off me before. I never wore bracklets before I got this one because I couldn’t get them on or take them off!!! But this one is easy because it doesn’t have a clasp. Likewise it’s from accesorize and I think it was around £8.     
  4. Silver flower earrings – These are my most worn pair of earrings because you can dress them up or dress them down. Personally I like to wear them with a messy pony tail for a smart-casual occasion. I wore them pretty much eveyday of the Christmas holidays and now school is approaching, I’m going to be sad to leave them behind. These are actually from Santa Fe in America and they were from my grandparents who live there. I think they are so pretty and unique!!    
  5. The statement gold necklace – I have saved this one for last because out of all the jewellery I own, this is my absolute favourite and I only wear it in special occasions. This is, to your surprise, from accesorize and I got it from my mum last year for Christmas. I think it was around £18. Which is well worth it’s money I think because I have worn it so many times and it looks way more expansive than it actually is. It looks great with any LBD because the gold really constants again the black.  It is very modern and unique but it still looks gorgeous and classy at the same time.     

Let me know if you like this kind of post and if you would like to see other posts like this. 

Love Elle xxx



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