If you are having a hard time with school, friends, family or just feeling down, then I have one word of advice for you . . . SMILE!!!! Yep just SMILE. It seems like a simple thing but if you smile it does cheer you up and make you feel better. (there is some science behind it all but I don’t know what it is) so if you are feeling down now or even if you are not just smile to yourself and see how you feel.

It is my best friends and I’s thing, because we always say SMILE to each other in person or over text, with a really cheesy grin or lots of emoji faces, if one of us is down about something. So remember next time you are feeling down just SMILE to yourself and remember there is always something to be grateful for! Likewise say it to a friend to cheer them up, it could become your  thing.SMILE (balllons)

Lots of Love Elle xxx



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