5 easy hairstyles 

Ok … As most of you know, I am massively into hair and I am always wearing my hair in different styles, but I thought I would share with you the easiest styles I wear all the time.  

  1. Messy Ponytail –  this is probally the most common and popular way to wear your hair but I always put a twist on it.  Firstly I like to make it very messy and I do not do it too high on my head. Secondly I like to add a big messy plait going into the ponytail and and sometimes some smaller plaits to add texture to the hairstyle.   
  2. Half up Half Down  – this is my go to hair style if I am in a rush and you can make this hairstyle look formal or very casual. Also this is a very pretty look too. I like to braid sections at the front and then simply pin half my hair up with a bobbin pins. It looks like you have put in loads of effort but really it is so simple!!!!!                                             
  3. Fish Tail Plait – I know everyone has heard of this style and everyone has been wearing it but again it is such a pretty look and perfect for smart or casual. I quite often wear this for school, and so that it stays in all day I like to do a French plait round the back of my head going into the fishtail.  
  4. French Plait – My mum used to do these for me all the time when I was in primary school and I have completely got into them again!! I like to wear one French plait straight down the middle and back of head (espicially for sport). If I want a more casual or pretty look I like to pull bits of hair out at the fount or have it going round to the side.    
  5. Half up Half Down BUN – I LOVE this look. I think it looks so cool and casual for eveyday. It is PERFECT if you need to throw your hair up in 30 seconds and it doesn’t matter if it looks messy because it is supposed to. If I want this to look more formal, I curl just the ends off hair (which works really nicely because I have long hair)    

Let me know what your favourite hairstyles are at the moment… C ya soon

Love Elle xxx


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