9 Different Ways To Wear Dungarees

Hi Guys,

I brought my first pair of dungarees from H&M a few weeks ago …. I LOVE them!!! I’m not joking, I have worn them everyday since. They were £30 which I didn’t think was too expensive considering how much use I am getting out of them. They are so easy to wear and you can match up with anything and everything.

As I am loving them so much and practically living in them 24/7, I thought I would share with you all the different ways of wearing them…

Plain White Tee  


white top dung 2

This is the  traditional and most popular way to wear dungarees. I also think this is the easiest way to wear them too because we all own a white top which you can just pop on underneath. This is a very casual look and would be perfect for shopping to the shops in.

Striped Top


strip top dung 2

I have seen more and more people this season wearing striped tops under their dungarees, especially celebrities. I think it looks so cool and casual. The striped top gives more depth to the outfit and I think it looks so relaxed and perfect for summer paired with a pair of Ray bans.




Some people prefer this more than other and I must say it is not my favourite way to wear them but I think they look great on others. I do love the fact though that the dungarees are rolled up at the bottom. This is super cute! It is a very relaxed look so I would wear this maybe out to town or round to a sleepover.

Crop Tops


crop top dung

We al know about he crop top under the dungarees … I LOVE it! This is my favourite way to wear them because it doesn’t show your belly, just a little bit of skin at the side which I think is so cute.

Off The Shoulders 



This look is so simple but so effective and just by wearing the straps off one shoulder of both, gives you a completely different look. It is defiantly a chilled look, but if you put a patterned top underneath, I defiantly think you could wear this to a party!

Dress / Trousers

long dung


These are the two other options to dungaree shorts. I only own a pair of shorts but I will defiantly be buying the dungaree dress soon and if I am brave enough the dungaree trousers. Again you can pair them up with any top and they all give you different looks. you will be sorted for summer!

Patterned dungarees



I think these are so cute and I really want to find a pair but I am yet to find any in my local town. I am heading to London soon (let me know if you want a blog post on that) and I will be keeping an eye out for some. I think with these it is best to pair them with a plain white top because the focus is on the dungarees instead of the top, unlike the denim ones.

Bold Tops



PARTY TIME… This is how I would wear my dungarees to a party because I think it looks a bit more formal and so pretty at the same time. I also love the fact that with this look you can pair it with any bold or printed top you already own. You do not need to go and buy a new one (your bank account will love this!!!)




This is defiantly the more formal way to wear dungarees and I think I would wear this to a garden party or a more formal occasion. Again with this look you can pair the dungarees with any skirt/blouse you own. I personally think a contrasting patterned blouses would look gorgeous under denim dungarees.

Let me know what you are thinking of Dungarees this season and what you are paring yours up with.

c ya soon …. Elle xxx


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