The Beach is a Happy Place!! 

Hey there, 

I know this is my first blog post but I’m no good at introducing myself or goodbyes for that matter so I’m just going to get straight to it … 

I recently visited Cornwall with my mum and brother, and while I was sitting on the beach my mum said something to me which inspired me to write this post! She said …”the beach is such a happy place! All people of all shapes and sizes just having a great time. I have never seen anyone who is not having a good time at the beach!” I agree with this and gave it some thought. 

It’s true – when u go to the beach everyone is having a great time and no one judges u. I sat on the top of this huge cliff (with an amassing view my I add) and I just watched everyone on the beach! It’s sounds a wired thing to do but it made me smile! Wathcing everyone splashing in and out of the waves, sunbathing and eating with their friends and family proved my mums point. Everyone was having such a great time!!! The beach was a happy place!!!

So this summer … Remember this and think about the beach if u are having a down day or even go to the beach because I am sure it will lift u spirits. What is better than eating fish and chips, sunbathing and having a relaxed, worry-free time with family!! 

C ya soon 

Elle xxx


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